GP SERIES Precious Metal Density Tester
x old version x GP-300K / 600K
x old version x GP-300K / 600K
x old version x GP-300K / 600K
Feature of product
Max weight: 300g / 600g

Weighing precision: 0.01g

Density precision: 0.01g/ cm3


Suitable for :
The jewelry industry, Bank, Pawn industry, Gold, and Precious Metal research lab.

Principle :
According to the buoyancy method of the Archimedean principle, can show gold karat, density, and purity% rapidly and accurately. 

Model   GP-300K GP-600K
Maximum weight :  300g 600g
Weighing precision :  0.01g
Density precision :  0.01g/cm3
Temperature and solution compensation setting : Can be set
Gold Result Karat, Purity of gold%, density value
K range 0K~24K
Mixing ratio Functions Mix ratio function of two mixtures
Result Proportion of major metals% and Mix ratio


1. Only two weighing steps, karat, density, and purity of gold can be shown rapidly and accurately. 

2. With the mixture proportion function, it can be used for testing the density and purity of platinum, silver, and other metals.

3. With the special software design, it can directly and circularly show the gold karat (including  gold-copper-silver, gold-silver, gold-copper), gold purity%(including gold-copper-silver, gold-silver, gold-copper)

4. With the function of HI and LO limit, the wide karat range from 9K to 24K and the HI and LO value can be set freely.

5. No stains and scratches left on gold after testing, it doesn’t need to use the sulfuric acid solution to test the standard samples.

6. Pure water or distilled water can be used as the testing medium, it is low cost and easily got.

7. By adopting the design of a big tank, it can decrease the inaccuracy caused by the supporting wire’s buoyancy.

8. Can’t test hollow samples and the samples with precious stones; it can be used as general balance.

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