TWS SERIES - TOUCH TYPE Liquid Density & Concentration Tester
Feature of product
Maximum Weight: 150g / 300g / 600g

Weight Precision: 0.001g / 0.01g / 0.01g

Density Precision: 0.0001g/cc / 0.001g/cc / 0.001g/cc


Suitable for: 

  • Research laboratory for dispersing paint, ceramic paste, ink, liquid resin, grinding liquid, asphalt, liquid adhesive, medium, and high viscosity fluid liquid.

According to the international standard of GB/T21862, GB/T15223, GB/T6750, ASTMD1475, ISO2811-2, ISO1675, DIN53217-3, the volume replacement method of the impregnated Gamma ball with Archimedes principle is adopted, and the special specific gravity design is used for an accurate result.

1. By using the vacuum machine to pre-evacuate the air that may be entrained in the high-viscosity liquid.
2. The immersion depth of the Gamma liquid surface can be adjusted arbitrarily.
3. Can easily be removed and replaced the Gamma ball
4. The problem of sticking on the mouth of the Guy Lusak and Hubbard pycnometer can be improved.
5. It can improve the trouble of using solvent to wipe the overflowing paint of the Q88 cup.
6. It can improve the trouble of preparing 3 glass hydrometers.
7. Any weight of Gamma ball can be its standard value, and the Gamma ball is not limited by volume.
8. It can compensate for errors caused by air buoyancy. The concentration value of the solution can be directly displayed through the specific gravity value of the measured solution.

Model TWS-153BH TWS-300BH TWS-600BH
Max Weight 150g 300g 600g
Weight Precision 0.001g 0.01g
Density Precision 0.0001g/cc 0.001g/cc
Testing Liquid Type Medium and high viscosity liquid
Testing Result Directly read the specific gravity and concentration of the liquid




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