DISCONTINUED - GP SERIES Liquid Density & Concentration Tester
x old version x GP-120G
x old version x GP-120G
x old version x GP-120G
Feature of product
Maximum weight: 120g

Density precision: 0.0001g/cm3

Density range: 0.0001~2.0000

Concentration precision: 0.1%~100.0%


Suitable for:
Chemical solution, Food Industry, Aquaculture Industry, Mouth wash, Medicament, Research laboratory

In accordance with GB/T13531, T5526, T5009, ASTM, JIS, ISO standards, and by adopting the buoyancy method of Archimedean principle, the density and concentration can be shown rapidly. 

■ It has a high and low limit set, equipped with a buzzer.
■ Just need 50cc, the machine can show the liquid density rapidly.  Any weight can be as the standard value, easy to operate.
■ Can cooperate with the thermostatic water tank, can test the liquid density under the needed temperature.
■ The weight accessories can be chosen according to the liquid properties.
■ When weighing precision 0.001g, the function of compensating the error caused by air buoyancy is added.
■ The machine can show solution concentration directly according to the specific gravity of the testing solution.

Max Weight : 0.001g~120
Density Precision : 0.0001g/cm
Density Range : 0.0001~2.0000
Concentration Precision : 0.1%~100.0%




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