DISCONTINUED - MH / GP SERIES Solid Density Tester
x old version x GP-300E
x old version x GP-300E
x old version x GP-300E
Feature of product
Maximum weight: 300g

Density precision: 0.001g/cm3


Suitable for:
Resource recycling industry for Solder, Brass, Bronze, Palladium, Silver, Nickle, Zinc;Rubber, Plastic, Electric wire, Hard alloy, New materials research lab.

According to ASTMD297-93, D792-00, D618, D891, GB/T1033, JISK6530, ISO2781 standards, and by adopting the buoyancy method of Archimedean principle, it can show the measuring result directly.

■ It has the function of Hi limit and Lo limit can judge whether the density of the sample is appropriate or not, and is equipped with a buzzer.
■ It can be connected to the PC or printer easily by RS-232.
■ It adopts the design of a big tank, it can decrease the inaccuracy caused by the supporting wire's buoyancy.
■ It has the function of density and volume change output (can set the time of 1, 10, 30, 60sec).
■ It has the function of temperature and solution compensation.
■ The standard size of the water tank: 150X100X90㎜.
■ The water tank length of GP-1200EN can be customized according to the customers' demand.

Max Weight : 0.01g~300g
Density Precision : 0.001g/cm



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