DISCONTINUED - MH / GP SERIES Powder True Density Tester
x old version x GP-120T
x old version x GP-120T
x old version x GP-120T
Feature of product
Maximum weight: 0.001g~120g

Density precision: 0.0001g/cm3


Suitable for:
Vulcanized rubber, Non-foam plastic, Carbon true density, True density of rock or coal, Pitch coke true density, Abrasive materials true density, Pigment density, Solid and half-solid asphalt density, Cement powder, Refractory materials, Ceramic, Natural stone, Water-coal-slurry density, Carbon materials true density by using boiling method, Soil true density, Ion resin wet true density, Powder true density research lab.

According to the standards of GB/T533-A, GB/T1033.1, GB/T6155, GB/T23561, YB/T5300, JB/T7984.3, GB/T 1713,  GB/T8929, GB/T1713, GB/T208, GB/T5071, QB/T1010, GB/T9966, GB/T18856, GB/T24203, GB/T8330, SL-237, and by adopting the immersed volume displacement method of Archimedean principle, and cooperated with pycnometer, it can show the measuring result directly.

■ Under the immersed method, choosing the liquid which can not dissolve but can moisture the sample surface is important.
■ For ceramic materials, such as feldspar, quartz, and ceramic products, distilled water can be used as the liquid medium.
■ For cement material, kerosene, xylene, or other organic liquid can be used as the testing medium.
■ For inorganic powder, organic liquid also can be chosen. 
■ By using porcelain mortar to rub powder and filter it by 240 mesh sieve, then put the powder in the weighing bottle, and dry it by moisture meter under 105℃, take out and cool it to room temperature in desiccator.

Max Weight : 0.001g~120g
Density Precision : 0.0001g/cm



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