About Us

In 1991, MATSUHAKU-WU established GROUP PROSPERS ENTERPRISE CO., LTD in Taiwan, and become the expert of electronic specific gravity tester manufacturer. To maintain customers’ needs and rights to the highest standards we continuously delving into various types of measurement methods, upgrading products to meet the latest international norms (ASTM, ISO, GB/T, JIS).


Certifies that the product has been evaluated according to relevant directives and complies with the new method directive in terms of safety, health and environmental protection requirements.


GROUP PROSPERS ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. Innovative design, human factors engineering, environmental protection and other requirements, the evaluation passed the 2015 Instrument Excellence Award.

Research Areas

GROUP PROSPERS ENTERPRISE CO., LTD the professional manufacturer committed to manufacturing various professional density testing instruments which meet the latest international norms (ASTM, ISO, GB/T, JIS) , can test gold, platinum, bronze, rubber, film, oil ring, alkaline, anti-oxidant solution, construction, ceramic, powder metallurgy, sponge, EPDM, refractory, etc., and is inducted into Precious Metal, Solid, Liquid, Powder, Porous, and Multi-function Series.
The Spirit of “doing best to create a better future”, toward the production of material density inspection equipment that is more in line with industrial standards, improving the product quality of producers and enhancing the competitiveness of the world.

Suitable Material
Gold Density Tester

Solid Density Tester

Liquid Density Tester

Powder Density Tester

Porous Density Tester

Multi-function Density Tester

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