TWS SERIES - TOUCH TYPE Solid Density Tester
000百邇來WEB灰底RESULT圖 153 214E
000百邇來WEB灰底RESULT圖 153 214E
Feature of product
Specially for film solid materials, suit small & light size samples
(length, width, and height 148*100*85mm)

Maximum weight: 210g

Density precision: 0.0001g/cm3


Suitable for:
Laboratory of solder, brass, bronze, silver, nickel, zinc, plastic, rubber, wire and cable, glass, film, hard alloy, soft synthetic leather, leather, elastic material, oil seal, oil ring, new materials, and other recycling industries.

Referring to the standards of ASTM D297, D792, JIS K6530, ISO2781, 1183and by applying the buoyancy of the object immersed in the liquid and hydrostatics principle, the density, volume, mixture ratio of dense solid materials can be showed.

1. Density measuring mode DS - measuring density and volume. 
2. Mix ratio density measuring mode Mix1- it can get the proportion of the main material. 
3. Mix ratio density measuring mode Mix2- it can get the proportion of the second material.

Max Weight : 210g
Weighing Precision : 0.0001g
Density Precision : 0.0001g/cm
Volume Precision : 0.0001g/cm
Mixing Ratio 1 : 0.01%
Mixing Ratio 2 : 0.01%



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